Does it matter to any of you? I personally think it depends on the look of the guitar to depend on which type of fretboard it has. Yet, all of my guitars are rosewood, so I guess I'm a bit fonder of that.
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Rosewood-Softer and more velvety feel. Because it's such a soft wood it mellows out the highs giving you a warm smooth tone. Less sustain thouhh.

Maple-Harder meaning highs are more pronounced and meaning more sustain. Also since it's harder it produces a better more percussive tone while tapping or using another technique of the like. It also tends to last longer.

But then again there's nothing wrong with a worn down fretboard. Then it gets to be scalloped ala malmsteen.

The differences aren't huge and you should really pick one which looks better with the color of hte strat your getting.
what about Ebony?? Nothing wrong with a good Ebony Fretboard (though I don't have one)
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I have three with Maple and four with Rosewood at this point for electrics.
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