any body know how to do some real cool tapping stuff i can do a few things but nothing mind blowing....... or anything thats gonna make me stand out wanna help me out? and dont tell me notes accutally tab it out if u can please
EVH is the king of tapping

that should be all the advice you need. just look for some van halen solos
well, i would suggest tapping out those harmonics and whammy abuse to go along with it...you can bend and tap while slowly unbending, it gives a cool "fading-out" effect...multi-fingered tapping on different strings is always cool...tapping with the edge of the pick allows you to tap faster and mute the lower strings (demonstrated by Herman Li on countless occasions)...if you want to get really technical you can hammer chords (preferrably barred) with your left hand while tapping out arpeggios with your right hand...that one should keep you busy for the rest of your life
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The tapping lick at the end of "Deadbolt" by Thrice is pretty easy and still cool-sounding:


edit: sry, i thought you meant not mind-blowing. for the tricky stuff, listen to axe grinder and erc.
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^ daaaaaaaaaaaamn
Youtube covers

^ Ron Thal is also the band "Bumblefoot."

That's the bumblefoot guitar.

..........you killed it.

On the contrary, nothing ever happened.
This is one I saw on a Paul Gilbert video.
Just start off slow and build up speed and repeat it down the fretboard (I think).

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Eruption by Van Halen is easy and sounds good,
Midnight by Joe Satriani is also pretty nice and simple enough.
wow... those vids were amazing... the tanley jordan one was the best
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