i have $200 to burn and im thinking about replacing my pickups on my ibanez rg570. i play metal atm but im aiming towards shred and some steve vai type of stuff. are there any pickups you guys recommend? thanks
I can only reccomend EMG's, since they're the only one's I've played

You should be able to get some 81's or whatever at that price. They're definitely good for metal. Others might be able to tell you more for shred...
the emg's wont sound that great in the basswood body, if you're looking for vai's stuff try dimarzio evolutions http://www.music123.com/DiMarzio-Evolution-Bridge-Humbucking-Pickup-i97846.music

also check out Bareknuckles they're based in the UK, but they are great metal/shred pickups although they are on the pricey side, but still worth a look.
i read somewhere that evolutions also sound bad on basswood guitars. im not sure if its a fact or a false statement. so it would be great if you guys can clear this up.