Ahoy! A new one here for you. This one a a little different from the previous one. Actually, I wrote this song a while ago and decided to make some adjustments on it. Please take into consideration that this has been recorded on my MP3 player, which was placed right on top of my amp, so the quality isn't at it's best. Was listening to alot of Quo Vadis when I came up with this. By the way, that little solo at the end was crappy and I didn't feel like playing the whole song over again to correct it, so I let it be.

Song title is 7. ENJOY!

As usual Crit for Crit.

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Windows Media Player cannot play the file. I couldnt open it , try another link or smth else , post it again or smth .. until you do that ... want to crit mine ?

THIS :https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=387649

And if you have time crit this too

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