Okay ive narrowed it down to two guitars that i want. I want an HSS formation under $500 and Fender seems to be the best so far but i cant decide whether I should get a Fender® Deluxe Strat (HSS) Electric Guitar or a newer model Fender® Standard HSS Stratocaster Electric Guitar. I want somthing that i can ajust the tuning so it isnt always standard if i dont want it to be. NO fret buzz or falling apart or crap like that. I dont care about sound im getting new pickups. Really i care about look and quality and the tremolo cause im not replacing that. So please if u read this take a look at these guitars on musicianfriends.
Get the deluxe!!
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Sweep picking if i could actually get faster at it. But overall . . everything. Every technique in guitar playing is worth learning or playing. Nice thread by the way
deluxe no question about it
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You're joking right?

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can sombody tell me why the deluxe is better i heard the tremolo only stays in standard tuning and its an older model. Could i get a newer tremolo on it that fits the size?