"Isle and Dive"
Written by Chris Drummond

You don?t have to be
the lobotomy
Thought sent the sons
They filled their lungs---with dust
Tell me the old wives tale
How the waves didn?t sail
It took only a dime
To trim the lines----so leave

Loved you
Same you
So shrewd
Love you

Do you remember the cause?
Do you remember the cause?

The tune is kind of similair to Nirvana's Polly, except it holds a bit more progression to the chorus of "About a Girl".

Just tell me if you find the meaning of the song?
I was going to say, this sounds alot like kurt,
then you talk about it being to a tune like nirvana. hahaha
i like it cause its cryptic, but you want me to find meaning?
i have no clue, sry dude, but thats why i like it
something along the lines of some chick hurting you?
i also like the title

rock on bro
Well its just that I do like lyrics that arent bullsh*t generic stuff. I like them to be poetic, have substance, and lack the common phrases and words to produce something...unique.

And yes I am a big fan of Kurt's lyrics. He was a genious