how do i play this bit out of White room? I don't understand how to hammer on to a chord...

I understand how to play a chord and then do a hammer on while still holding the chord, but i'm pretty confused about this one.
I'm pretty sure thats what you do. Play the chord and then hammer on the indicated note. Just listen to the song to clarify this.
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nah it is actually the other way round, there's a note then hammer on symbol, then another note, but the 2nd note is part of a chord, it's confusing
Wow... you're right, it's so confusing. You never should have thought about putting the chord on first, and then hammering the left out note. Let's see how that works when you play it... oh yeah, you already have the tab.

Dude, seriously, for the first chord, put whatever finger you're going to play on the third fret on first, then play the damned hammer on so that your already on the chord, and strike the rest of the strings at the same time.

This one isn't exactly rocket science; which is probably a good thing for the guys on Discovery.
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