Ok so i was thinking of building a custom guitar and i have a few questions...

Would it be worth it or should i just save up around $500 usd and buy one.?

Is their a site that explains how to build one?

Oh and when i say build i dont mean make everything by hand.I meant buying a premade body and neck,then paint it myself.then by all the parts i need(Bridge,pickups,tuners,etc..)

is there a online store that sells parts or would it be better(cheaper) to buy the body and neck off ebay?

I was thinking off having a 24 fret ibanez neck because i love their thin necks with a les paul shaped body(not a gibson brand that would cost too much i just lwant that shape) with emg pick-ups.

If i put it together and painted it myself how much would it cost to get the pickups installed and wired??

could i build one for around 300 dollars?not including the 150 or so dollars for the cost of the pickups?
dude totally do it, but look forward to spending more than that. just to do it right, also by the time you get to installing pickups you will have learned so much go ahead and learn to do it too
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yeah I've had the urge to do that also. But I know nothing about it and I cant find any sites that tell you how to wire or anything.

EDIT: Im also worried that after I spend 400 dollars and alot of time on a guitar I made that It will sound like crap.
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Ok so i guesse ill go ahead with it...oh and some more questions..

Is it possible to have a les paul body with a wizard 2 neck or w/e its called?.Ive looked at pictures and the hole placements on the neck are differant than a lespaul body?

also i think im gunna upgrade my current guitar which is a crappy ibanez started guitar.I was going to paint it and i went to take off all the screws out of the pickups and pick guard i dont know how the get the switch through the pickguard and i dont know if the tone and volume know can come off.