My band never had a show yet. We almost know enough covers to pull off a gig but we all dont want to be a cover band. I'm stuck in a rut on what should we do.

Should we
A) play gigs doing just covers until we write enough originals to pull off a gig with a couple covers
B) should we just wait until we have enough originals

not only have we not played a gig as a band, none of us have any experience onstage except for our singer, who was in a little high school band type thing.

Personally I think A is the best choice.

Also any tips on band practicing and getting start, hell everything, would be appreciated.
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well if you have at least one original i would close "a" off with that
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I dunno about A, because my band played three of our own songs and one cover song for our first gig, and it was ok. I'm just telling from what we did. You can do whatever you want but I think it's better to have more originals than covers, in my opinion.
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Start off with "A". Start to add a few originals at the end of your sets in the future. Get noticed first by playing some well known/liked covers well. Then start to to incorporate your own stuff.
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my band used to do "A"...it got us by...and got us more gigs....it isnt as fun as playing all originals but if you can get a gig, go for it.
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yeah, if you cover one song, the audience you are trying to hook may dislike this particular song and would thus be led to believe that your band, involuntarily sux. so you cant go wrong with your own.
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Dude just bust out the covers and squeeze the originals in there. Most people at gigs just want to hear stuff they are familiar with. Get their attention with the covers and bust out a few originals before your finale and you'll be good to go. Make sure to finish off with a badass song that most people know.
play all your own songs as many as u can and do covers and stuff just practice alot so u can write new songs together and stuff
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Yeah that's what i was thinkin, i should go w/ A and squeeze in originals when we get them. We have two originals that just need some polishing. I want to go w/ A but my drummer thinks if you play more than 2 covers your a cover band. His point of view suprises me b/c he goes see local bands atleast once/twice a week so i would think he knows what a cover band is. Thank you for the help.
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