Ok so I have this problem...my stubby little fingers. Now I want to play like Jimi and SRV heck even JM3 but my little fingers and stubby thumb aren't cutting it. I am open to most suggestions. Please help.

p.s. It especially sucks when they use a thumb hook too and i mean when they use the thumb hooks in chords especially like John Mayer he hooks for so many chords like he'll have his thumb down on 3 but his other fingers are awkwardly placed on 7,8,and 9.
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stubby fingers doesnt matter you just have to get your hand used to stretching. check this guy out he has stubby fingers and hes great. my suggestion is just do excercises to make your hands stretch.


what i use as stretch excercises






                           T        T

and a lick from mr crowley solo


hope this helps
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your best bet is GERF.

GERF (gûrf)
1. Genetically Enhanced Robot Fingers

Gerf a word used to confuse others, really is rather meaningless . could mean - Grannies Everyone Really Frighten or just used as an expression.

Richard: We are gerfing it up.

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i guess i should exercise my hand more so they werent so FAT either
I think it's clear what you're only solution it. Break all your fingers and stretch them whilst they're broken. Then have relations with an elm tree.

Or practice and get the fingers moving, whatever tickles your pickle.

Lead singer of my band has stumpy thumbs (kind of like semi-thumbs, quite amusing) and she can still play alright, just means she has to be careful about the strings she hits since she can't hook her thumb over to dampen strings.
Yngwie has fat sausage-like fingers. Maybe thats just muscle though.

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12-8-0 and 1-3-5 are stretches? wow i must have massive hands. anyway i don't see how someone could ever have a thumb on a 3 and their other fingers on 7 8 and 9. dont worry its not your hands its your messed up tabs. anyway i guess if your fingers are too short you'll just have to work on your speed so you can move and move back in time to play fast things. practice speed and the maximum stretch you can comfortably do to try to increase that comfort stretch.
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From what it looks like malmsteen has fat/ shorter then most fingers and he does his thing

Fer Sher.
Yngwie didn't used to have fat fingers though, he just got chubby in later years. The sausage fingers are effecting his live tone too, methinks...

Anyway, I can't use my pinky, because it's bent up and retarded, but a good laugh every once in a while...I can play hockey with them...anyway, just get used to the stretching, and develop speed to move your hand around the fretboard and make up for it, like the other guys said. That's really all you can do, unless you chop off someone's big hand and graft it on to your arm.
Too bad...I have tiny fingers too but you would be amazed what a good practise routine can do!
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B.B. King

How do I know this? My guitar teacher has met and shook his hand many times. He noticed that B.B. King had stubby/fat fingers. That's why B.B. King sounds the way he does with little bit of muffle. Check his stuff out, it's not far off from SRV and Jimi.
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I'm going to have to say either GERF it up (as mentioned earlier) or take a large knife and shave off some of the fat.
HA, don't listen to these fools, i used to have very fat and stubby fingers when i started, just do plenty of exercises and your hands will tone up. also make sure your are curving your hands adequately when playing and not just laying your fingers flat across the strings.
Yeah, stubby fingers don't matter. Not that I have them, heh. :P But Malmsteem, yeah, he gets his groove on, even with is strange fingers.

Also, I'm not entirely sure, but doesn't Jack Johnson have some crazy sausage-like fingers? That guy can still play some funky tunes, so I don't know why it would be a problem to you.

what i use as stretch excercises


|-7p4p0-7p4p0-7p4p0-7p4p0-8p5p0-8p5p0-8p5p0-8p0h5-: |-------------------------------------------------: |-------------------------------------------------: |-------------------------------------------------: |-------------------------------------------------: |-------------------------------------------------: |-7p4p0-7p4p0-7p4p0-7p4p0-8p5p0-8p5p0-8p5p0-8p5p0-: |-------------------------------------------------: |-------------------------------------------------: |-------------------------------------------------: |-------------------------------------------------: |-------------------------------------------------: |-12p8p0-12p8p0-12p8p0-12p8p0-10p7p0-10p7p0-10p7p0-10p7p0-: |---------------------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------------------: |-8p5p0-8p5p0-8p5p0-8p5p0-7p4p0-7p4p0-7p4p0-7p4p0--: |--------------------------------------------------: |--------------------------------------------------: |--------------------------------------------------: |--------------------------------------------------: |--------------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------------------: |-12p8p0-12p8p0-12p8p0-12p8p0-10p7p0-10p7p0-10p7p0-10p7p0-: |---------------------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------------------: T T |---------------------------------------------: |-8p5p0-8p5p0-8p5p0-8p5s4-12p7p4h7-12p7p4h7---: |---------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------: |---------------------------------------------: and a lick from mr crowley solo |----------------------------------------------------5-6-8-6-5---------| |--------------------------------------------5-6-8--------------8-------| |----------------------------2-3-5-3-5-7-------------------------------| |--------------------2-3-5-----------------------------------------------| |-------------1-3-5------------------------------------------------------| |------1-3-5-------------------------------------------------------------|

This is stretching? Heck, my fingers are always that far apart when I simply rest my fingers on the fretboard :P

(also, ugly-alert in the quote, but I'm too lazy to fix it )
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