I've been playing for a yearand I dont know much about amps, all I have is a Peavy Rage 158. It has a clean and lead switch. The lead has a pregain and postgain setting and the regular EQ(high,mid,low). It doesn't have reverb control. All the clean tone has is just a normal volume control to 10. Say I wanted to get Hendrix's tone which is:
Gain - 4
Treble - 5
Mid - 5
Bass - 8
Reverb - 5
I know that I set the high to 5, mid to 5 and low to 8 with it on lead (right?). I know that I may not be able to obtain the tone with such a small amp but what would I put the pre and post gain to and well, I know I can't do much about the reverb since I don't have that control. Any help would be appreciated. thnks