alright, so i dont need a new amp...but i would like one.

anyone know of a "decent" amp for...(get ready to laugh)...under $40?
save a couple bux and get this

im not sure how good it is

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Ya, you can't find anything that is going to be good for only $40. The cheapest you could go is going to be like $150 for a Valvetronix or Microcube.
Save up for a Roland micro cube....its even better than the Roland cube 30

I have 2 and they are impressive amps.

you wont get much of an amp at all for just $40

try this though

I'm not sure how well it does as i have never had one but ill probably get one some day to try it out....get some quality headphones while you're ordering from them...

Item 244501 are good, Item 242411 are even better

I have the 242411 and use them for drumming on my E-Kit and almost everyone knows how hard it is to find a good set of headphones for drums as the sounds that come out of a drum set is really hard to recreate...so many lows to highs...
You could get a micro amp, a marshall ms2 or a fender mini twin. . .
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40 bucks....

every pedal i own costs at least twice that...

save up. you will never find a good or even decent amp for $40 save and get a valvatronix or cube
save up 60 bux and get an epiphone valve jr head. i hear that they give a pretty good sound, and only 5 watts so it's easy to overdrive.
used or do it ebay.

what do you have right now amp wise? if you already have a practice amp that's small i dont see any reason to get another