I was trying to figure out about how much I should sell my Martin MTV-1 for. I have no idea what it would go for. It is a limited edition guitar made I think in 1996, though I may be wrong. It has the mtv logo on the head and has unplugged running down the fretboard (double g on the 12th fret). It is in perfect condition too. I did a lot of research and I still have no idea what I should sell it for.

I'm one of those lucky kids whose dad used to play guitar. I got three extremely nice guitars for free and I want to sell one of them. I got a vintage 1960 strat, the afore mentioned martin, and a taylor acoustic. I like the taylor more, so that is why i'm selling the Martin.

thank you
If you want to sell it, you're going to need to post some pictures, preferably one that has the serial number in it.

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that's very strange... i've never seen that before..