Hey, im looking for a stack around $2000AU. Which is ruffley the amount of a line6 spider 2 head and cab. should i buy this amp? or can anyone sugest an amp that is "better" than this for the same or similar price. As my name suggests i play mostly, hardcore, metalcore, and metal. I completly understand that I need to experiment with as many different amps as i can before i make my decision, but still, any help or suggestions you can make will be greatly apreciated
ok im Australian as well just to let you know. Tip 1: Never buy a solid state stack, youll hate it. Buy a decent valve/tube combo. Hell with that money you could get a used Mesa/Boogie Single Rectifier off Ebay which will give you everything you need. Solid-state stacks are the same as ****ty solid state practice amps, just louder. Louder does not = better. More importantly, Line 6 makes ****ty amps that sound digital. Plus IMO they spend too much time trying to emulate other things rather than creating their own sound. Look at the "Which Amp?" thread at the top for some decent tube combos. I know that you might want a stack to look cool, but the novelty will wear off shortly and it'll sound **** and break on you. Tube combos sound more musical, give much nicer distortion and all in all are better than solid state stacks. Any other queries, please let me know
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Well I thought those top of the line Mesa Boogie amps are a bit decent, but seriously, get a tube/valve combo. You won't regret it, besides it can go pretty loud, so you can rape the audience.
Sounds like you're wanting a Peavey 5150. Good luck with that.
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