Hi, i am new here. i just started playing like 2 weeks ago. I bought the Squier SE-100 start package and the amp it came with sucked. may i have any suggestions on what amps to buy that cost less then $130?
my suggestion is to wait and just be patient with that amp until you know that you will not quit guitar..it is too early. You might end up quitting (which is very possibly regardless of how much you enjoy it now..you can possibly get bored very quickly). So wait until several months until you get a new amp...also save up some money because in several months when you are solidly playing guitar you will also have more money to get a more decent amp.

EDIT: i typed moneys instead of months..silly me..all fixed now though
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^^Ya good advice.
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roland micro cube if anything at that price...but ya i would wait a few months to make sure u will stick with it, instead of going and wasting money and quitting a week later
well i mean if u play the same music i play the fender frontman 25r works. its pretty good size,almost gigging level, and its under 130
alrite thanks you guys. yeah imma wait until i save up my money and if i still play the guitar ill buy an amp. o yeah xsv i was looking at the frontman 25r and was considering to buy it but ill wait now.
Don't get the Frontman 25r. I have one, and it's not all that great. You'd better off to keep the amp you have now until you get a little better, and then get something along the lines of a Roland Cube 30, or perhaps a Vox AD15VT.
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Buying a new amp after 2 weeks?!

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