Well first ill state that i felt a bit skeptical about the ending, it soudns a bit emoish for me, picture this with a rock ballad like feel, with plenty of guitar, think lynard skynard freebird-esque


Sweet sun rising,
Hanging low over bourbon sky
Red clouds wandering,
Floating free moving right on by
But the sky, its ever changing
Don?t know what its gonna do
And as the sky?s change keeps on raging,
So am I in love with you

Rain drops falling,
When in heaven, push comes to shove
Lightning flashes,
Pouring power from the skies above
And now the sky has gone on changing
Shown just what it can do
And as my love for you is fading
I will move on, without you

And as the sunshine,
Turns to rain
So my pleasure,
Turns to pain
I like it alot. It's really like visual, which I absolutely love. Haha, sorry you feel that the ending is emoish but I like it. =]