This is my cover of first day of my life. One is a raw version so you guys can tell clearly just how sucky I am and another one is a more produced version where I added some effects to give it more of a old radio sound cause I thought it was cool to tinker with it.


Thanks for your feedback
your timing is WAY off. you mess up on the timing
throughout the whole thing, and in my opinion,
it really ruins the whole song more than anything.
your strumming pattern is also wrong. well. maybe.
maybe it's not wrong, but it sounds wrong because
of the way you're emphasizing certain notes wrong.

your vocals definately aren't anything close to amazing.
but they're not THAT horrible. you go flat a lot of times,
but it's nothing terrible, in my opinion. the only time
where i think it gets really really bad is at the end,
with "i mean i really think you like me". you just
really have to work on your singing as well as timing.

and trust me, i'm definately not the best singer, but if you just
keep practicing it, you'll eventually get SO much better at, even
if all you're doing is singing along to things that you listen to.
i actually used to be TERRIBLE at singing, and now i'm only
really really bad at it. just practice as much as you can.

if you want, you can listen to my cover of this song.
i recorded it for my girlfriend for valentine's day.
it's really not very good, but maybe it's something
that you could use as help or something? i don't know.
but. if you want, you can listen to it on my dmusic.

I just want to sleep forever.

I'm not trying to imitate the track exactly, it's just a rough sketch that was done from memory. I just follow the chord change with the melody of the lyrics. As for my vocals, the differences between your vocals is that you're emphasizing too much, and you're not required to sing that high. I don't think Coner Oberst ever sings with his head voice. I'm just doing the chill non-chalant style of singing that he does with his chest voice. Since I can't do it perfectly, there are times I will go flat. And for the last line, I sung that in my talking voice and it's not smooth so it's not as appealing.
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so wait... you're not trying to imitate the track,
but you're trying to imitate conor's singing?
well. honestly. i've come to find that really,
no one can sing like him except for him.
and a lot of the time, when people try,
it just ends up coming out horribly.

you shouldn't be trying to sing like he is.
you shouldn't be trying to use a certain voice
just because that's the way conor does it.
you should be singing it the way you're most
comfortable, and the way you can sing it best.

i'm really not trying to be mean or anything at all.
i'm just trying to give suggestions, but i guess since
i'm not a good singer at all, i shouldn't really be giving
advice on singing and what to do. so. whatever. if you
want to try what i'm suggesting, go ahead. but i don't
blame you if you don't want to give it a try. so whatever.

I just want to sleep forever.

I've considered your suggestions and I'm just explaining, it's not a singing style exactly, it's more of the feel of the song. If you're spilling your heart out to these lyrics, singing with all your emotions, it'll totally ruin the feel of the song. I should considerd eqing the treble more. And I'm comfortable singing that way, it's not all giggity but I think it works, it's just a matter of how long you've been singing. And personally I hate my chest voice anyways, but singing this song in my head voice will just be wrong. I'm comfortable singing in both though.
omg, kyle..yours ownz.
When did you learn to sing?

Other guy- the timing was awful, as kyle said. It really killed the entire song. The tone was quite bad too. Really not awful, just not too good.
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lol man plz dont take this the wrong way but you really cant rap.
I didn't like the flanger... No emotion in your words.

The flanger could have been a cool idea, but it doesn't really fit in to the song.

I did a Lua cover, if you want to look.
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Until_it_sleeps for the motherfucking win!!!
Timing is off.


But at first your voice seems good, but then everytime the voice is supposed to go lower or higher you stay at the same vocal position, which is a big mistake.
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dude, i totally disagree with you when you say "If you're spilling your heart out to these lyrics, singing with all your emotions, it'll totally ruin the feel of the song." it's a love song, it's meant to be sung with emotion, and you can tell by the way connor sings that he spills emotion into every lyric he sings, no matter the song. that's what makes his music so effing amazing. but it's cool that you're trying to put your own spin on the song =) liked how you did it with an electric rather than an acoustic, it was an interesting sound. and the tempo change, whether it was intentional or not, was pretty cool =)