Hey guys!I've been writing lots of lyrics along the last three years,but I feel like a lot of them are still lacking in "feeling".This wone was written two years ago,but it still means a lot to me.....it goes like this:

Spring passed away in a breeze
It's always so right but it makes me freeze
Maybe it's me and I think I don't care
I tried my best to recover the ashes of hope
But a hopeless cloud hangs over the rope
That hungs my neck

And now I lost it forever
Does it even matter?
I left a little bit of me
In everything I've been

I'm sorry if I can't feel sad
Feels like I've done it before going mad
I'll do it again and again and again
Always the same, always this pain

Spotlights won't keep me warm
Happy days now feel so sharm
What happened to that smile
Got lost along the while?

All I know
All I see
It's gone
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Maybe there you can use
''Spring passed away in a breeze''
''With it, went the trees''
''But maybe it's me, Maybe I just don't care''
"I tried my best to recover the ashes of hope"
"But a hopeless cloud hangs over the rope"
"That tightens every minute" or "That sleeps around my Throat"

=] Overall I like it. =] it's good.
I'll try to work this one out,I know it's still a bit "rough",it just needs more time and patience.Thanks for the ideas,man!=)