oops. there apears to be a rather large crack in the wood on one of my stratocasters how can i fix it or am i screwed?
What part of your strat? is all the way through the wood? or just the finish? details!!!!
sand the paint, putty it up, sand it down, paint
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the crack is just below the neck area on the body there is some wood that has cracked all the way through but mostly it appears to only be on the surface, i was planing to repaint it a s unburst colour but i think that if i do as namman05 said i would need to rethink the colour scheme
wood glue fixes all, not no more nails or poly filler! you dont want to fill in the gap in that, wood glue will keep it together, sand it down round the crack, get some very very fine saw dust, mix with the wood glue and put it in the crack and make sure that it goes all the way down to the bottom of the crack. let it dry over night then sand it down again then paint, and when you apply the glue let there be some hanging out the crack. it should go with alot of sanding, your get a better and smoother finish and when you sand it down either use a orbit sander or sand paper wraped round a piece of square wood!