(Prices off Gak.co.uk)

Boss DD3 - £79

Boss DD6 - £104

Line6 Echo Park - £95

What would you reccomend out of these three?
I prefer Boss's delay over Line6's, but that's my preference.

So between the DD3 and DD6, ask yourself, how important is 25 GBP? Do you feel that it is an adequate amount for a few added features (tap tempo, longer delay times, etc)? For the extra features, I'd suggest going for the DD6. It's not a substantially greater amount than the DD3, yet it offers a couple of features which might be VERY handy (tap tempo). But if you just want an inexpensive, relatively nice, simple delay, go for the DD3.

I have a Boss DD5 (dont know why, but they don't make it anymore, but it is very comparable to the DD6)..... so, if I didnt have my DD5 and had to go to the guitar store for a delay pedal, I'd get the DD6.
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I have a DD-6 and am very happy with it. It has a ton of features and you never know when you may want to use one of these features down the road. Albeit I haven't tried the Line6 pedal but I don't think you can go wrong with the DD-6 if you have the money for it.