Ok, i have currently been playing just under two years and thought it was time to learn the major scales. I got all of them from this site and was wondering is it easier to learn the notes on one string at a time, or is it easier to learn the scale in segments ie. from the open string to the fourth fret, then from the fifth fret to the ninth fret etc...?

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You should start out with learning them by position. You have a choice: either
the 5 CAGED positions or the 7 three-note-per-string positions.

The 5 CAGED positions have the advantage of easier left hand fretting.

The 7 three-note-per-string positions are a bit more difficult on the left hand,
but have the advantage of completely regular picking patterns.

You should learn both anyway. Learning those finger positions is only a start
on scale work to get your fingers used to the right movements and to help
you organize the fretboard. Eventually you should start working on other stuff
that uses those positions and moves though positions.