wasup every1, would i be better of to get a marshall modulation pedal (regenerator) and a morley or crybaby wah? or to get a multi-fx pedal? cheers in advance
^ don't know what that is all about.

anyway, you should ask yourself if you're really going to need those 60 (or more) effects that are on the multi-fx. perhaps you'll just need those few pedals to get the right sound. i had bought a multi-fx pedal: zoom gfx 5, at the beginning and i regret it badly. not only it has this digital sounds (i'm for analog all the way) but i simply don't use it as it doesn't have any good sounds.
for the wah, it's better to buy one as the ones on the multi-fx don't have many options.

but like with everything - it's your choice in the end.
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id go for the sinlge pedals in my opinion....less sounds, but more variations! work it out for yaself.
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how much you willing to spend? what multi-fx? what amp do you have? which morley? which crybaby?