ok i just purchased a guitar yesterday! Yay. Now i was wondering about one thing on it. I know the two different knobs on it are for tone and volume but i also have a toggle switch on it that can move three ways (forward, backward, or straight up) now i was wondering what is it for i tried to play the guitar with it in different positions but i dont notice anything different. Oh by the way i dont know if this will help but i have a Schecter Omen 6.
That switch is called the pickup switch. What it does is change what pickups you're using. One postion for the bridge pickup (one furthest away), middle for both pickups and the third for the neck pickup (closest to the fret board).

Put the switch in different positions and tap the pickup with your plectrum to see what one you're using. Usually with the switch pointing far right is your bridge pickup and far left is your neck. With the bridge pickup you get a more trebley sound and a more bassy one with the neck. Most people use the bridge pickup more.
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ya its which pickup is getting the sound. one of them selects just the pickup closer to the fretboard for a softer sound and the other side gives you the one farthest from the fretboard. that one gives you more of a twang sound. the one inbetween gives you a combo of the two
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pickup selector. towards the neck is the neck pickup, towards the the input is the bridge pickup, in the middle is both.

(assuming that guitar has 2 pickups)
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thanks guys! I didnt expect to get a reply so fast. Well i do have two sets of humbuckers. I think that is what it is called. But i just didnt know what that switch is for. But you guys explained it very well and in a way that i can understand. Thank you. now i am going to try it out.

At first i thought it was a going to be a stupid question since i am new at guitars and i dont know much about them but thanks for you help and time!
dont worry about asking questions whether theyre stupid or not your going to have to learn about it one way or another
Oh yea i was wondering about my amp. would it matter if it is in this forum because i have a question. On my amp there is like three settings for low medium and high. now how do you know what to set each knob at. does it matter? as of right now i have it in the middle for each one and what is reverb. Sorry for all the questions, i just want to know. Thanks for your time.
um... the low medium and high stand for the different areas that the tone is in, it relates to bass and treble and the in between, theres no specific setting you need to use, its all about what sound you want to get out of it. and reverb is kind of the sound you get when a sound bounces around a big room
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The more you play the more you will notice the difference from the knobs on the amp and the pickup switch switch because you will develope a tuned ear.
Just fart around with your guitar and amp and see what happens. See what you like, don't like etc etc... Enjoy
Thanks for your help! I will fart around. After all now i can notice the difference between the switch for the pick up because of you guys helping me out. Alright that is all i need to know for now so thanks for your time!
low = bass
medium = mids
high = treble

hope that sorts it out. and reverb is kinda like a delay. and yeh just play around with your settings to find one you like