All we need is a revolution
Something to destroy this pollution
We are the youth, the broken spirit
The stupid sound of screaming fears
We broke all the rules, we killed the old methods
We drove all the beasts inside our hearts
All of this is ****ing bull****, but in the end we'll be still standing

We are the ones who make this business work
The ****ers who are able to make it worse
The pregnant teens lying on the hospital floor
The virus in the system always searching for more
Maybe the oxygen mask that you use as a resort
**** the fake leech, **** the senseless alibis

So burn yourself, get on your knees
Eat another slave or kill it with a breeze
You know we are the angry beasts locked on the jails
We are the ****ing rats we smash with our own nails

The big disappointment that we are is just the main consequence
Of your great expectations that went down the drain

We don't care
We won't apologize
We won't come down
We'll always be,
We'll always live like the secondary plan of this titanic
Blister of madness
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Yes,that's true.When I wrote this I was feeling really angry,out of myself to be honest.It talks about feeling locked inside a jail when you're the one who makes it work.Thanks for the comments