Hey all, I have a little question for those who have ordered from Warmoth. Im gonna buy a Strat in a while and plan to put on some golden hardware...my question...how does their stuff compare to the hardware that is already in it?

Any help or so is appreciated.
Their hardware is probably quallity stuff. I know that their bodies and necks can compete with American Fender's, probably even better.
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I've never heard a poor review of Warmoth's stuff. I plan on building a Tele or Strat/Tele dual neck later this year using Warmoth's bodies, necks and equipment. The only complaint is that you pay a premium price.
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You might consider Carvins Bolt-t kit too. Good quality parts, cheaper than Warmoth by quite a bit.
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I'm gonna go for an American Strat, sorry, I forgot noting that. Is it hard to replace the hardware? My main concern is replacing the bridge and the tuning heads and stuff...and the string tree.
If you go with staggered locking tuners, you won't need a string tree. And Warmoth sells the name-brand tuners, so you won't have a problem there. Find something that has the same diameter as the tuner you're replacing. As far as the bridge is concerned, just make sure the screw holes line up. As long as you get things that are the same dimensions as the original, the replacement is easy. If you get things that are oversized, the modifications are simple. If you get things that are smaller, that's not quite so easy, since you'll be filling in rather than taking away.
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Warmoth has a lot of pics of guitars customers have built with their equipment in the gallery section.
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i find if your just getting hardware go with stew mac...warmoth has the worst shipping costs. my $30 fretboard cost $30 dollars ($60 total) to ship only 400 miles. yet a box 6 times the size, weight and travel distance would only cost $15 from stew mac