well you all have heard of the "Check Out My Home Made Pedalboard" thread where that nice blue LED lit power box was built custom.

Well I got some help tracking down some guitar power supply building links and so i thought I would post them for everyone.

These can be built for about $20....sure beats buying a $100 supply box.

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If you play an axe and you also dabble with electronics then this site is a MUST! You'll spend days clicking through the myriad of links and good info.

The Xformer shouldn't introduce 60hz hum if you use a metal project box as well as keeping wires short and also loop a couple of turns of them through a ferrite donut or similar.
Below are some links to what you are looking for:

a very clean pwr. supply:

here is the complete page of details on the above "clean" power supply:

Of course there are many websites with similar pwr. supply projects but this one

for parts to this project if you all don't know them,
- www.allelectronics.com
- www.mouser.com
- www.jameco.com

All electronics seems to be the best IMO but if your ordering only a few things you should look other places as they have a flat rate $6 S&H fee with USPS.

They are extremely cheap and have a pretty good selection. Packs of 100 resistors for 3.50. If you are looking for bulk packs (100, 10, 8, 5) for very cheap prices go there. They also sell some things by 1s.
some important update info

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That clean supply posted with the LM317 is good. Something that seems silly to me is the use of a 25v transformer though. That gives around 34v at the input to the regulator! This high input voltage will waste serious power to give a 9v output. Use a 12v transformer instead if you use that design, it will give plenty of voltage, even 9v may do, it would with a lower dropout reg. You may need to up the value of the 1000uf smoothing cap though.