Which one should I get? My guitar teacher recommends the Crybaby but the Vox is cool too. I've played them both and I'm leaning towards the Vox wah wah, but I just was wondering what you guys thought.
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They have their goods and bads.

the VOX has more movement in the pedal compared to the crybaby

They VOX sounds better "Out of the box"

From what I have heard, the VOX 848 is cr** and the 847 is great.

I have a crybaby original and only got it because I know electronics and can modify it...they are really easy to do.

If you don't know electronics and have no clue on how to mod the wah to sound like a VOX or just want more movement in the pedal board go with the VOX 847

I'm looking for a VOX shell so I can put the guts of the crybaby into it so I get that extra movement....I can't stand the crybaby shell.
From what I've found the Vox sounds great on a clean sound but sounds pretty bad when used with distortion. The Crybaby is pretty good with both.

Basically, if you are going to be using a wah with distortion, don't get the Vox.
I don't know, my crybaby doesn't sound to good with dist....
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