so i need a newer, more versatile guitar (btw i have a swing dc classic that is super for paf humbucker tones).
im more or less completely single coil starved, and ive been reading all this confusing **** about coil tapping, splitting, running in parellel, out-of-phasifying, etc that might help my humbucked situation.
after looking around, i found this: http://www.guitarelectronics.com/product/WDUHH3T1103
which i think could be a nice way to become familiar with all the sounds a humbucker can give me.

some basic outlines on what kind of sounds im looking for:
dream theater/lte, mark knopfler (love love love all his distorted and clean sounds), megadeth type thrash, vai kind of super oversaturation, dave gilmour, brian may, richie sambora type 80's lead, steve morse neck lead tone, srv, yngwie, etc. i know its not as simple as "i'll take this and that guys tone, no fries, please" but those are some of the artists whose sounds i want to imitate.
in case youre wondering, im running into a pod xt and either a big keyboard amp/pa (which rocks), a big laney amp (which isnt too good), or my microcube at home

so the plan is to buy a balanced sounding HH guitar with a smallish neck (think ebmm luke or axis, compound radius always a plus) and switch out the electronics. what guitars do you think fit my needs best? my budget is anything under about 1k, but the cheaper the better (im a jobless broke 16 yearold with an extremely generous granma). does anyone have experience with the ebmm sub 1? ive never played it, and im curious about the feel of the neck and the poplar body. about the after market pickups, im thinking seymour duncans, or swineshead warthogs but i have no clue how any of these would sound in the different modes.
warmoth is also an option

i just want to hear all you guys have to say about this 2 humbucker, ten billion sounds thing, and maybe get some new suggestions on other versatile (im getting sick of this word) setups. thanks
I personally think the most versatile guitar you're gonna get is an Ibanez with HSH configuration and DiMarzios. They're just great.
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thanks chris, i was lookin into ibanezes too, but i think one crucial tone theyre missing is the neck singlecoil tone that i love so damn much
if it werent for that, i agree
and ferretman, can you take that post down and just start a new thread please? its gonna get confusing
that guitar looks interesting tho
The Ibanez JS models are set with a HH system which has a coil tap which alows you to change from humbuckers to single coils just like that by pulling up the tone pot. I have a JS100 and it's a very good feture but when you have a high distortion on, the difference isn't very noticable but with less distortion it makes a big difference. I don't know if this is the case with the higher quality 1000's and 1200's though. Plus the guitars are absolutly gorgeous!!!

You can use these guitars for anything aswell, they're extremely versitile
Dave Tither
agreed^ Again though, you could probably get a split coil for the neck on an Ibanez? Plus I've notice on some of Vai's he can get that tone as I've heard him play Little Wing live which is the typical strat single neck sound. But the middle covers it quite well if you just play closer to the neck. But yeah, a JS1000 might be a good bet.
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thanks dave, how does the trem hold up? ive heard some mixed reviews about ibanez trems, and on the whole i dont like having to deal with locking trems just because of setup time
ive heard that the gotoh wilkinson with earvana nut and locking tuners will hold tune fairly well, even through divebombs

edit: also, how much do the js's cost?
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Ibanez high end trems own btw! I have an Edge Pro and it major rocks.
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Actually, I think DiMarzio/ Ibanez is the most versatile combination so I'd recommend that you email DiMarzio about the electronics and what sounds you want, they're very helpful and good to deal with. And as far as the base guitar you work with, I think Ibanez will probably help you too!
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Quote by Dave2210
The Ibanez JS models are set with a HH system which has a coil tap which alows you to change from humbuckers to single coils just like that by pulling up the tone pot.

WRONG! That would be coil splitting. Coil tapping is completely different. Why does it seem like hardly anyone knows about the difference between coil tapping and coil splitting?
haha do you work for ibanez man?
ive been ignoring ibanez because ive always associated them with kind of shrill and thin sounding guitars and i dunno if their pu's are too high gain for what im looking for
and i hate to say this, but ibanez seems to be a very common brand, and (call me shallow) i dont really like buying the same thing everyone else has--seems a bit mainstream to me. anyway thats really being nitpicky so ill look into ibanez

edit: i dont want to double post, so here it is, a post within a post:

jimmy, can you explain the diff between coil tapping/splitting a little more clearly for me? i dont know the difference either, except that some duncan single coils can be tapped, while they cant be split (which kinda leads me to guess that splitting is actually splitting the two coils in a humbucker and using one of them; tapping i have no idea)
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ha, i know what you mean, but i've played so many guitars and the ibanez just seriously, i couldn't find a flaw. I used it for a show recently and had to get a massive amount of tones and it really pulled through. It's the only guitar I can do everything with, I had Les Pauls before but again, no singles, and then a strat but of course, no hums, and the Ibanez pimped it. Actually Ibanez should pay me for my promoting of them... But yeah, there's definitely a reason why most of the best use them
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I thought coil splitting was splitting the double coil on a humbucker so you can use one of the coils as a single?
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I would recommend a Yamaha RGX420DZ, it has an unbelievable good sound, floyd, 24frets, a direct bypass switch and coil splitting on the two humbuckers. Not expensive, too.
now that another floyded guitar came up, what do you guys think about the usefulness of floyds overall? does it feel wierd to palm mute on it? i just dont think loking trems are worth my time, so give me reasons why the pros outweigh the cons
uhh..pretty much every guitar that schecter makes that doesnt have EMGS in it has coil tapping in them now. As for floyds, i use a hardtail(only cuz they didnt come with floyds) and my brother has a floyd, and switching between them doesnt affect my playing at all, i mean they are just as comfortable and palm muting isnt harder or anything. the main pro to all locking trems is the fact that they will never go out of tune, if its a good one. and when people say they are a b1tch to change strings on, thats only the first few times. once you get used to changing them its a breeze
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My understanding is that a Coil Split is when you split a humbucker into a single coil, which is common.

What is not so common is Coil Tap , where a pickup is wound so that it has a Tap and/or extra two wires coming from the coil. You can, through a switch, have the full coil or part of the coil, the tap.

That Coil Tap PU has two options for the output strength so if you have a single coil PU which has a DC resistance of 10K, you could switch (Tap) it so that the PU would have less resistance, for example, 6K. This Coil Tapping is only possible if the PU was wound that way ... very different from Coil Split.
Well whatever it's called. Reviews I've been reading are saying it's a coil tap and not a coil split, but whatever the hell it's called, it allows you to use the humbuckers as single coils. The cheapest I've seen a 1000/1200 is £1,010 on the net. Comes with a hard case and such
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so the thread title "if god had a guitar" means you think your god? /laff

anways, carvin ftw
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What about a fender stratocaster with HSS. Probably one of the most versitile guitars ever made. DunlopGuy also said Carvin and those are quality guitars and you can custom make them too for around a $1400 I think.
to the guy who thought i was referring to meself as god; i didnt mean to come off that way, i actually wrote the title, did some otherthings, then wrote the post, so i dont really know where i was goin with the title
i just wanted the most versatile guitar possible
God? He'd use an Ibanez J-Custom.
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