Hi guys

For a long long time I've wanted to start playing guitar, a I've realised that life's just too short not to start right now. My problem is that I don't have time enought to go to a guitar teacher every week, so I want to learn playing guitar by myself by using some of the articles on UG and book and stuff, can I do that?

My second problem is that I am a left hander, but I fell allright playing as if I was right hander, Should I change to left hander style or can I keep playing as a right hander without missing some skills I would have had using the left hander style?

Quite a lot, I hope you will help me
You can keep playing as a right-hander; you'll screw yourself up more now if you switch.

Yes, you can teach yourself guitar, but make sure you don't skip the annoying little things like learning the scales and modes. Check out the guitar/bass basics forum for help, and if you ever have any questions, ASK! It's much easier to learn a bad habit than it is to break it. Happy playing!

I'd stick right-handed.

As for self-teaching, UG is a great place to start, and as <>< said above, don't skip those little things that most people don't want to learn, they help in the long run.

Welcome to guitars!

Yes you can teach yourself without a teacher

Yes you can learn to play right handed and learn all the tricks you need to,
Play however you feel comfortable
yeah, stay right handed. it'd be easier to find a new guitar or play someone elses.

as for teaching your self... im a self-taught musician. i have never taken a single lesson for any of the instruments that i play. i learned how to read tabs on an angelfire site, then i read a book about music theory, and now, i play like ****in eddie van halen. well, not quite that good, but i can really wail.

just go out and buy "rock guitar for dummies" at borders or somewhere, listen to the cd, read along with the tabs, visit UG a lot, and youre good to go.
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