hey..............im hoping to get into PC recording soon and i need an audio interface............i was first considering the M-Audio Fast Track USB, but then i read some reviews on it and it dident seem too amazing after all. My budget is about $130 and the interface must have an XLR mic socket. im only planning on recording some of my song ideas on guitar so i dont need amazing quality or anything. i just want something that works and is relatively easy to use.

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Tascam us-122 its like 150 at GC. 2 mic inputs, etc. its great imo. Get a pre-amp if you dont like the ones they have ( i dont )
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this is probably your best bet http://www.zzounds.com/item--MDOD1010LT

that soundcard is a bit out of my budget to be honest. but that tascam us-122 looks good enough for what i want to do.

Edit: just checked some reviews on the tascam and they dont look too good.
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yeh maybe ill just save up and get something better. show me some more PCI, firewire interfaces please.
wait i just found the line 6 toneport ux1........whats this like?and would it be compatible with cubase SE?
Yea thats wat I was gonna say that u get a toneport, Im pretty sure its better than the fasttrack. I have one and I like it, I think u can use it with cubase if u just set the input preferences to it but im not positive but I would go with the Toneport
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all i want is to be able to record some song ideas............i dont want anything fancy. and that line 6 toneport looks simple enough and if it dont work with cubase i cud always use the supplied software.
Check out the PreSonus Inspire. It comes with Cubase LE (80% of SE) and is FireWire too. Unless you really NEED all the little modeling effects of the TonePort, I'd get the Inspire.
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i've heard some great things about the ux2,not so great on the the ux1. The ux's have alot of good software that it comes with it,i would go for that.
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