Poll: Can you play guitar upside down (NOT YOU, THE GUITAR)
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I play left handed, I can play right handed too
4 6%
I play left handed, I can't play right handed
6 9%
I play right handed, I can play left handed too
7 11%
I play right handed, I can't play left handed
48 74%
Voters: 65.
I am wondering, I have a feeling lefties can do it because they always have to play a right-handed guitar when they don't have their own.
You could try playing upside down, but why would anyone want to? Its not impressive, just stupid.
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Speaking of which, the Roger Waters' guitarist from the In The Flesh concert (dunno if he's still with him) plays left handed with right hand stringing! It was bugging me for the whole concert.
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You could try playing upside down, but why would anyone want to? Its not impressive, just stupid.

I'm left handed so I usually don't have a left handed guitar around unless it is my own, then I play right handed (however I can only play chords and I can do some picking of songs I know really well)
I agree with crazy, seeing as how I am the only left-handed guitar player in my high school.

Sometimes I sit around with my mom's acoustic or her 30 year old classical guitar and fiddle with it.

And Jmag, Doyle Bramhall II at the Crossroads Guitar Festival does the same thing! It was mind blowing!
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I suppose I could if I tried, but why would I want to?

Edit: OOooohhh. I thought you meant, can I play guitar while both me and the guitar are upside down. If I was right side up and the guitar's upide down, I dunno. I think I've tried, but not seriously.
I put two guitars side by side once and played the Micheal Angelo Batio way, it turned out alright but takes ALOT of practice. I also can play the adam fulara way but I add distortion and play the same song on both necks and it sounds like two guitarists. It takes a while tough. I can do double stops and some solos. Smoke On the Water sounds cool that way. It is the same as but easier than playing the M A B way.

EDIT I would never do it live though because I am not as good with my left hand as with my right because I naturally am right handed. I feel sorry for people that are left handed (like Jimi) because they have to buy left handed guitars.

Thank God I am right handed. I have never met a left handed guitarist yet.
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i play left handed, but im ambidexterous so when i go round to other peoples right handed guitars arnt a problem just left handed feels comfier
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Dick Dale (guy that did the Pulp Fiction theme Miserlou) plays left handed with right handed stringing and I know another guy who does the same.

I'm a lefty and try to play my mates right handed guitars when I'm there but I'm not very good.
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You could try playing upside down, but why would anyone want to? Its not impressive, just stupid.
I did all the bass for my album on a left handed bass and I'm right handed. Why? Becuase it's the only bass we have (it belongs to my wife who is left handed) and the album cost enough as it is without having to go buy a new bass.
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Are there actually any advantages to playing backwards/upside-down?

Besides the fact that you can say
"I play backwards/upside down...im cool, right?"
I can't do it.
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If anyone can play guitar upside down and has a camera u should post a youtube of it or something.. just a suggestion.