and so finally i have saved 1500 in the bank.


no seriously.
i've waited for this moment and worked hard for it too.

so yea i'm on the market for a tube head
i dont kno much about them.
so yea i play trivium / killswitch engage / shadows fall stuff.

if not those two heads. please suggest some that are in my price range.

i have a b52 cab , loaded with celestion g12ts , i'm thinkin of selling them and matching watever head i get with a 1960 cab.

btw. so i heard marshall tube heads have some sort of solid state in them.. wtf.
all tube my assss..... jk. ha.

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Are you set on a halfstack, or are combos fair game?

I've never been happier than with my mesa. You could pull a single recto used at that budget (with the cab).

The Blue Voodoo is a horrible amp.....many people aren't that happy with the TSL either.
all tube heads have SS rectification. It's what converts the power from ac to dc (or otehr way around i dunno) but if it was tube (it was leik 30, 40 years ago) it woulondt sound tight, and it woulndt be good for metal. Dual rectifiers have SS rectification, pretty much any amp has SS rectification. But id say get the TSL. the bloo voodoo, i dunno, it's a crate, i dont like them that much. They sound too dry IMO. (listen to Cannibal Corpse to see how a BV sounds liek), So verdict: TSL
the Marshall! or that framus ther /\. dont get the crate its a solid state isnt it? thats one argument why not to get it lol

and i disagree that most valve amps nowadays have SS rectification, i've seen plenty that dont, seen as a mesa triple rectifier has 3 valve driven rectifiers might be an example
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so i was looking at the diablo's.

it's in my price range.

how bout those ?!?

or perhaps that glow in the dark H & K. lollll.

Schecter C1 Classic - drop C - .11's
Ibanez rg321 (emg 81/85) - drop D - .10's
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Peavey XXX 412 cab
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i got my tsl 60 head + avt B used on ebay for 900 and then i went to guitar center and bought a 1960a new for 650, and it can probably kick the **** out of the blue voodoo, but the dual rectifiers can kick the **** out of the tsl for heavy gain stuff. i'd say go with the tsl if you dont have enough for a dual rectifier.
Haha....... anyone of you guys remember the 600w BV ??
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
on tuesday my peavey 5150 combo burned up, started smoking,-- ect.--- cooked-- so on thursday i picked up a crate bv120h at a ft laud area pawn shop for $200 and tried it out . it sounds pretty good actually I got some really great tone out of it lots of gain---with my 20th annivers issue prs hollowbody but it has some buzzing on overdrive channel. then on friday i picked up a Marshall jcm2000 tsl100 head for $475 at another pawn shop. both plugged into a stock b52 half stack cab. by far i think the marshall is awesome depending on how you adjust it and which channel it has versatility like nothing else. from the heaviest metal to rock, blues, jazz and even somewhat like a clean acoustic type amp. also the marshall has no buzzing or hissing or nothing like that then yesterday i tried the top of the line marshall tube head at the local gc. four channels and totally awesome--- i am sticking with marshall's from now on
the bv is not that horrible of an amp. get off the bandwagon people
if i had that much money saved up id get a mesa and be done with it
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