i've just started playing bass and i am in a pop-punk band.

would it make more sense playing with a pick or fingers. I'm more comfortable with fingers, but get a better sound with a pick. PLEASE HELP
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i play the same type of music as you do. when i started playing bass, i used a pick. but now i find it alot easier to just use my fingers. i'd say use your fingers since thats more comfortable for you.
With Pick you can play Fast and it sounds good! With Finger it sound kinda round and you can play FASTER! But i think if you begin with fingers and develop Pick later.. then you can choose everytime for each song wich is best!
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Whichever is more comfortable to you. It will make a difference in tone, though.

Pick playing will be punchier, with more treble and "attack" - some famous pickstyle players are Matt Freeman of Rancid, Dee Dee Ramone, that guy from Blink 182.

Fingerstyle will give you a rounder, somewhat softer tone. I can't actually think of any fingerstyle punk players. Paul Simonon of The Clash may have played fingerstyle.

Of course, with the right EQ settings you can get a more fingerstyle tone with a pick, and a more pickstyle tone with fingerstyle.

But I'll repeat, play however you're comfortable playing. Don't let others tell you which is better for you. You say fingerstyle, try raising the mids and treble on your bass and plucking near the bridge, that will help to give you some of the attack and twang of picking.
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Either one. Like they said, whichever one is more comfortable.

btw, I LOVE your Godzilla Bambi avatar.