Well my dad has a band and one of the guitar player owns a pod xt live. He really doesnt know how to use it all that well and doesnt want to mess around to tweak it to his likings. Hes had decided to get rid of it and he said he would take $200 (USD) for it. Would you say this is a good deal? I dont really NEED it but i think it would be a fun toy.
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yes, it retails for $400 and can be great in the future for recording or live playing
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Oh yeah, only took me a few months
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yeah i thought so too but my dad doesnt seem to think so..): I mean i wasnt looking around for one but i think it would be fun to use.
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very good deal. I dont know if i could buy an used XT (not live) for that price. If it's live, even better
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You seem to have enough effects as it is. I don't think it would really be necessary, but up to you.

And I wouldn't run a digital modellor into a digital modelling amp.

Well i would run it through a keyboard amp if i got it. I could use a keyboard amp for as long as i want for free so that wouldt be a problem. I mean all the stompboxes in one seems good but i would also use it to record and obviously live.
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