Ok here's the deal.....

This weekend, I visited my local GC and bought a Dunlop Crybaby G535Q out of impulse. The fact that it sounded awsome on an Epi LP and a Marshall MG series amp made me wanna buy it.

When I checked it out at home, this pedal sounds more like a volume pedal as it totally cuts out the signal with my toe all the way up. I know the pedal is supposed to cut out the high end when my toe is moving upwards....but it sounds more like I'm controlling the volume. I have tried all possible combinations on the pedal as well as the EQ on my other mullti FX pedal and my amp....but to no avail.

Any ideas anybody?
Are you just playing by yourself or with a band? I had a problem once that when the pedal was in certain positions it didn't cut through because of that particular frequency. As in, with the pedal disengaged and in certain positions I could hear myself fine, but as soon as I put, say, the heel down - I lost my "cutting through power" I guess. It just blended with the band.

All I did was altered the EQ on my amp a bit to cut through more and it was fine.

If it sounds sucky when you're playing by yourself, then what kind of amp do you use? What kind of multi-FX? because those things suck tone like hell.
I have the same pedal, and agree with you completely. I fiddled with the setting (reducing the range, etc) to make the problem less aparent. But in the end, I've just learned not to roll the pedal all the way back.
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That pedal is amazing if you cant get it to work right either you got a dud or this is a operator error
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Thanks for all your suggestions. The weird part is that in the store I was using a pretty ****ty amp too (I have a behringer btw). I use my effects, primarily, than my amp for the tome that I look for. I have pretty much exhausted using all the changes I could make like boosting the low end, decreasing/increasing gain etc. Looks like I'm gonna return it coming weekend. My GC didn't seem to have the bad horsie on display. Let me see if I can try that.