I have a progression: G---D---E---C

How do I find the key or solo placement to solo and make riffs for it?

use those scales


Like you could strat out with the d scale and work your way up and down
but scales are the best way to go
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So when I solo would I have to solo in diferent places every time the progression changes or do I just solo in one place?
personally what i do is like... lets say you have half a measure of each chord... for the first half of the first measure, play notes in or related to the G chord, for the second half play notes related to D, etc.
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my chord progression im using right now is D-E-F-C and like guitarplaya27 said im using those scales to write everything. Well if u dont know scales.....u better learn em
The A minor Pentatonic scale is "A", "C", "D", "E", "G"... should sound good with that progression I guess.
So I could solo up and down in one spot if it is one of the chords in my progression?
U could rite out all the scales etc etc and then find which key it is in but i h8 to do that as it takes too long.To solo over that progressioni would use the scales of the name of the chords as guitarplaya27 said. The easiest way to do that is to use the arpeggios of the chords for example the G(taking this as a major chord by the way) chord, i can use the notes G, B and D any where on the guitar and they will always sound good.

but then that sort of gets boring so to make sure i dont hit a wrong sounding note i would use g major pentatonic then i can also use many other scales still focusing on just this one chord G, i could use e blues scale or e minor pentatonic. Then u can get into modes and stuff but im not that great on those.

Hope this helped.
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So I could solo up and down in one spot if it is one of the chords in my progression?

I dont see why not.
Didn't he mean find the key? I'd say the simplest one it fits with is G Major... That E chord should be an Em, I think it'd sound better.

So now he can use modes of G Major? Correct? I'm no expert with them (I barely know anything about them actually) but can't he use ionian mode on the G chord, then lydian, or whatever the hell the 5th mode is for the D, and the 4th for the C, then the 6th for the E?