hey ive never played pinch harmonics on a good amp, my amp is one of those plastic marshall portable amps i htink its 4 watts, but if i got like a better amp, do the pinch harmonics sound a lot better, cause they just dont get loud enough
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the more gain the easier so on a marshall miicero cube they will suck. but most of it is in the hand. your amp shouldnt matter, i can do them on my classical guitar. you can even do them on... anything with strings. a bettrer amp just makes them easier
yes, they sound better on a better amp providing you re doing them right,.==.
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could be your pickups, but for your next amp i would get a 30 or 60 watt then they will sound godlike =D
You should be able to do pinch harmonics on every guitar, regardless of gain/amplification. Hell, I can easily pull them of on my acoustic. Practice your technique.
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mmm, you should be able to do them on an electric, i dont think its the amps fault, i could do them on a 10 watt arai just as good as i can do them on my 100 watt marshall.
a bigger amp will just make them louder. you can pull them off on anything with strings, even a goddamn mandolin! just practice the technique. then get a bigger, better amp, and they will sound louder, and therefore, better
look i get this all the time, i understand you should be able to do them on anything, acoustic or whatever, and i can, i can execute a pinch harmonic fine, my question is is my amp hindering me from getting that loud sound i want, i never stated in my question that i couldnt do them either
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yes to an extent. most of it is your techinque. watch zakk wylde do them the sound so clear, its not because of his marshalls its because of his tallent
lets take it this way...

bad/cheap amp = bad/cheap sound


good/expensive amp = good/expensive loud sound
once again i never said i couldnt do them, read the question correctly
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sometime i can get reallllll sweet ones, but other times its just kinda weird (through a bass amp mind you). and when you stand its ususally harder and theyre not as clear...i usually stand up, and it actually takes a lot of energy to get them to ring out as if i were sitting down.
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hmmm apparently 30 watt amps are best for pinched harmonics mines is 15 watts and gets them out ok,with a bit of effot.
Guys....get it through your hand that amp wattage has nothing to do with it.

Threadstarter: You say your technique is good, and you can pull them off fine, but if the volume on the is not enough, then that right there is the very flaw in your technique. If your technique was perfect, the volume would be there with them. May not sound as agressive as they will with a high quality high gain amp, but they should still ring nice and clear.
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yes to an extent. most of it is your techinque. watch zakk wylde do them the sound so clear, its not because of his marshalls its because of his tallent

Skill is not tallent.

He is just a great guitarist, there isn't much tallent involved in the guitar as there is practice.