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hey guys can you name some great guitarists and good instrumental rock and metal music for me ive been trying to find some
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John Petrucci's Suspended Animation album would have to be my favorite solo material ATM. Every song on it is great except for Curve.
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Joe Satriani. Check out albums such as The Extremist, Surfing With The Alien and Crystal Plannet. They're the best ones but there are loads more great songs on other almums. I also recoment you get the G3 DVD's and stuff by Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and that Timmons dude... Andy maybe?
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seriously check out those guitarists the guys above me said they do great instrumental work, also check out marty freidman, eric johnson, michael angelo batio (one fast mother****a), and rusty cooley, if you ever get a chance

EDIT: it just hit me, check out paul gilbert too
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There's a sticky at the top of this page for "must have albums" of this type of music so look there.
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There's a sticky at the top of this page for "must have albums" of this type of music so look there.

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