Alright so I went to Guitar Center and got some tubes. I bought 2 duets (4 tubes), problem is one pair is different from the other. The power rating is the same and they are the same brand. Is this bad for my amp or does it matter? I put them in and it sounded way better than my worn out tubes, which it should, but I really like the sound I'm getting. I just don't want to hurt anything on my amp ya know. So please explain if this is good or bad for the amp.

If one pair's different, yea, it's probably gonna' be bad.

What models of tubes did you buy then?
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Well I got groove tubes... They have the same power rating, which is probably the one thing you do need to match up the most. They are groove tube 6l6ge and 6l6gc or something. I think if it would have messed up my amp it would have done so already... It's sounds freakig awesome to though.
Yep...... I heard it'll shorten tube life......
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