Its a amazing song, by a brilliant band

you did a decent job, well done,
You definately need drums (or more audible drums). The simple beat from Lol really keeps the song together. Wasn't particuliarly keen on the organ (?) either. Apart from that, I really liked it, but you may want to get rid of the noise at the beginning of the file.

What make is the keyboard you were given? How long you been playing keys for?
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^I bought a 'Gold-tronic Pro-sound'. I got it off ebay for 15 quid. I couldn't afford anything else. Sorry about the organ tone, but it's not a very good keyboard, so that was the best I could get. I got the drums off of the keyboard, and I'm sorry they weren't louder.
And I have been 'playing' since sunday. But I haven't had any lessons or anything (I can't afford them). So I use it more as a tool, than an actual instrument for expressing myself.
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