hi, i've been looking on rocksolidamps.com and i'm really liking the look, sound, and price of the engl thunder. now i know that soundclips can sometimes be misleading and i won't be able to try this amp out for myself, so i was wondering what everyone here thought about the thunder for melodic death metal/metalcore and other high gain applications.
yeah, i've got a boss super overdrive so i think that could tighten it up/add some gain. but i've also seen reviews on hc that said it's got tons and tons of gain, so what's up w/ that?
You have to realize that reviews are very subjective. I've come to realize that what what some people consider an acceptable amount of gain, I consider overkill. Personally, I don't like distortion that masks your mistakes, because it can also mask your sweetness, not to mention make you a sloppy player. It all depends on the person

EDIT: In addition, many people who play strictly blues or clean stuff sometimes over exaggerate when they talk about gain.
ok, that makes good sense, there were also some people comparing them to dual rectos and jcm800s, which was a bit misleading. also, what would a good cab be for this head, an avatar w/ v30s?