hey guys. im looking to buy a multi effects pedal but im kind of on a tight budget. Im looking to spend no more than $100. any suggestions?
um. i wouldn't recommend getting the multi effects pedals.
they're not that great quality. depends on wat u want. b/c
if ur ok w/ not-that-great sounding effects then u can get
multi effects pedals. but otherwise, i think that pedals that
have just one effect r better. wat kinda effects r u looking 4?
The idea with multi effects pedals IS to find which effects you like...at least to me, so you buy a multi effects pedal try all sounds and then buy 1 effect pedals with the effects you want. About which multi effects pedal to get im not sure... you might wanna check some rewiews here on UG.
well 4 me if i just wanna c wat kinda effects i
want, i just go to guitar center and play around
w/ effects there or just go to some stores and
look around..use the effects. then u don't have
to buy em but u can still experiment w/ em.
Try the Behringer X V-amp.

It's got an expression pedal (so that means a wah!). And it's super cheap.

Pretty good amp models too.
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digitech rp-50. it's only like 50 bucks, and has forty studio quality effects that are totally tweakable, plus forty slots for you to create you own effects. has different amp models, and even cabinet modeling with headphones or a mixer. with an expression pedal (not included) you can do many different kinds of wah effects. it's just got tons of cool stuff, and you can't beat the price. I think they have an $80 model as well that comes with an expression pedal for volume swells, wah, whammy, etc...
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