A lot of people helped me out with my last question and i hope as many will help me this time. I bought a korg guitar tuner as recomendation of my friend. But the problem is it does not tell you how to tune a guitar. I was just wondering can someone explain how or link to a good site they know and used about explaining on this subject. I bet many new players will find it usefull. thanks againg
what do you mean how? you turn the tuner on and strike an open string. the tuner tells you the note that is being hit. you then twist the tuning peg until you tune the string to the note that it is supposed to play.

if you still dont get it, the guitar is tuned E a d g b e starting with the thickest/lowest string.
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to start tuning just start with your sixth(top) string. plug your tuner in, turn your volume up on your guitar and strum just that string. if your using standard tuning it should be E. if not, you're going to have to loosen or tighten you tuning head until it is atleast in that note. once your in the note you want, depending on your tuner, there will be a light on the right or left letting you know the note is flat(left) or sharp(right). keep tightening or lossening the string until it stays in the center. once you've got one down just move to the next string and start over on that. if your using standard tuning the strings should, starting with your sixth(top) string EADGBE. so you'll have E(6th) A(5th) D(4th) G(3rd) B(2nd) and E(1st)
u don't have to plug it in. ur tuner should have a mic thingy on
it and it should pick up the note.
^Both E notes should be E notes.

Your tuner should have seperate indication for the low E and high E strings though.
1. Turn the tuner on.
2. Make sure it's in Guitar mode.
3. Pluck the thickest string. Turn the tuning head until it registers as a 6E (whether that be up or down).
4. Pluck the next string down. Like the previous string, turn the heads until it's in tune. It should register as a 5A.
3. Move down the strings. The rest of the strings should be tuned to 4D, 3G, 2B, 1E, respectively.