I am trying to record some music onto my computer using my Silvertone strat copy & my rp80 hooked into my mic slot but when ever i use my bridge pick up i get alot of buzzing but only when i am near my computer but it dosent do it when i have my neck pick up on

is there anyway to keep it from buzzing
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any radiowaves? comes near the pickups it starts to buzz. try hold you phone in front if them and you will see...
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if it has active pickups it will do this, as its just reacting with the screen. ive no idea why this happens, it just does. something to do with magnets.

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I use an ISP Decimator when playing in front of my PC. I learn many new songs sitting on front of my PC with headphones on. Online tab is cool but CRT monitors will cause unwanted feedback, with a noise supressor that is no longer an issue.

Thye Decimator is the only noise gate worth buying, IMO as well as many people in this forum.
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