hiya All What are all the positions of the Am pentatonic scale could some out tab them for me.
also when you play it in a different posistion is it still Am?
I dont have tiem to write them all down but yes they are the same as long as the notes are the same. but if you play a Am pentatonic int he 5th position and then move that pattern upp 2 frets to B, you will have a Bm pentatonic
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The fifth fret on the E String is A. Playing a minor scale starting on that fret would be an Am scale. If you play that same minor scale a minor second over (or just one fret over; on the 6th fret) it is no longer Am, it is A#m. Another minor second from that would be Bm. Next is Cm and so on.
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If you play in any of these positions its A minor as long as it sounds like it resolves to A. If it resolves to C then its C major. Just play an A minor or Amin7 chord a couple times before you play it.
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Great link, once you link them up like that it'll improve your improv... did for me.

don't forget to mess around with ALL of them, some fit better than others in some songs.
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