Are their any compounds or solutions out there that are good enough to get out some buckle rash on the back of my les paul? Its mild, but I dont want it there if it does not have to be. Thanks guys,

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Dude, you can never get rid of all the minor scratches on your guitar. My tele has been played live so much that my buckle actually scrated of the paint of the top of the back.. Scratches shows your guitar's being loved
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Not that I know of.

But I do know of sheilds you can put on the back of your guitar to prevent that.

I just can't remember who makes them....
You can get any sheet of clear pickguard material and stick it on.

But really, I like belt-rash. It makes your guitar cooler
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Nothing wrong with some scratches, but as Kutanmoogle said. You can get some kind of clear sheet adhesive or something and put it on.
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You can buy one of those static stickers that they use in car windows and put it on the back of your guitar.
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