hey i've got a godin sd and i'm thinking of putting in some new pickups

i'm looking for something relatively cheap and i've got a spot for 2 singles and a humbucker...
i was thinking maybe an EMG in the bridge humbucker spot to get a good distorion tone and maybe a seymour duncan in the neck for nice cleans... i play a wide range from heavy metal to lighter clean stuff so any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
emg's are great, but i dont think you can mix emg and other brands in the same guitar, or maybe you can, i forget.
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its not that you cant have emgs and other brands its that its a pain in tha ass to mix active and passive pickups in the same guitar. you can but it takes alot of work
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Stick with passives.

Passives can give you a perfect distorted tone.

Just listen to Megadeth. They used the Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz pickups. Those are passive and aren't even considered high output.

EMGs have stale toneless sound.
emgs do have great distorted and clean sounds, but active and passive electronics mix like oil and water. you'll need separate pots for everything, and its just a pain in the ass. a good ssh combination is the sa-sa-85. you can also go to the duncan website they have a tone wizard thing that recommends you pu's.