Have a pro do it, unless your a killer artist.
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take the picture to a printing person around town, see if they can print it onto a sticker or something, and paint your guitar white... and.... you know...
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Me too. But only if she's alive.

Have you ever done paint jobs before, or are you a good artist? If not, then good luck to you and I'd go to www.reranch.com
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That would look pretty damn cool on a warlock.
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and plus you like blink 182 which prooves you are dumb and have no taste in music

you just follow trends

What a tard...
basically make a stencil and paint it that way or put on a sticker and clear over it
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Take a sheet of paper, some painter's tape, and some wax paper tape a layer of painter's tape on the wax paper, take the sheet of paper, and print the design on it. Take the printed sheet of paper and tape it to the wax paper, on top of the paint tape. Use something like an exacto knife and cut out the shape. Carefully peel off the wax paper. Then transfer the paint tape onto your guitar. Paint it using the paint tape stencil and apply a clear coat.

Atleast, that's my best suggestion. You probably shouldn't listen to me, i've never painted a guitar in my life. All my other paintings turned out really bad too.