i've been trying to play along to this song yet my ears are just bothered by listening...it says its in standard when i see the tab and i have my guitar perfectly in tune yet it sounds like its a quarter step up or something, idk is there any weird things about the way they tune to this song (metallica)?
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Yeah I've noticed the same thing for awhile now, I feel better now, I just figured I couldn't tune a guitar properly. It sounds like 20cents off, I'm not sure flat or sharp, but it was recorded to tape, so they could have varispeeded it to make it brighter or darker or whatever or maybe they accidently bumped the knob!
ok i found this out for you ok...

You hear the bells at the start? James and kirk tuned UP their guitars to be in key with the bell (which only about a 1/4 step up).

They dont do this live
The whole Ride The Lightning album was recorded at a set rate of 48000Hz, instead of the average 41800Hz. Therefor the songs sound a little more high pitch. If you have Audacity, import FWTBT, and change the set rate, too 41800Hz, it will be slower and low pitch.

This was not an accident, they just thought it souned better that way.

I would have to agree.
and i'd hafta disagree with highwaysalmon's explananation for the sole fact that this only occurs on that one song. I don't get that jamming to "Ride" or "Creep" or whatnot.
Yeah, tuned to go with the bells like another guy said.

Use my tab for it, it's the best one!
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my mistake, the only songs that were recoreded in 48000Hz, were FWTBT and RTL, i thought it was the whole album, to prve this, upload the songs in audacity and in the bottom left hand corner of the audacity window, it shows "project rate" (or set rate). I checked all songs off RTL, and FWTBT and RTL were the only songs that said 48000HZ, so yeah, just tune a 1/4 step up, should work..