I wouldnt
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I think not.


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If it is in a case, then I wouldn't see why not, but I'm not an expert.
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You shouldn't leave it there for any length of time (parked), but if you've got a good case and are just cruisin it's not a problem, it's actually a lot more dangerous to have it in the backseat. . .
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If you've got a decently padded gig bag or a case you should be OK. I put mine in in a really cheap bag once and the nut broke.
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just for the record... if it has to go in the trunk tomorrow it will be in a box and I don't think there will be anything else in the trunk.
the heat is the problem. heat + wood+ glue = warped crap.

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pacoasterrider you are a genius lets put HBKracker in the trunk!!!!!
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on a serious note keep her in the AC, atleast if it's as hot there as it is here right now. Dont sit it in a trunk in the deserts of arizona, just take her with you if your concerned and be like "sorry for this is there somewhere i can put it" if your going somewhere with it where you dont want it to be seen im guessing
I think my aunt put it in her trunk.... its not that big of a deal though, we live in Canada and its only going to be in there overnight and while she is driving.